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Amstar Construction Services

A Disabled-Veteran, Small-Business Enterprise

Rich Diehl is a Vietnam War Navy Veteran and registered service disabled. He served at NAS Barbers Point as well as the USS Tripoli, NAS Miramar, and NAS Imperial Beach. After many years of quality management for aerospace, semiconductor, and machining industries, Rich decided to start Amstar Construction Services with his son, Steve Tankersley.

Rich moved to El Dorado County from the Bay Area with his wife and 2 dogs in 2017 to be closer to his family. He collects classic cars and enjoys life among the foothills and Oak trees.


Past projects with Amstar’s
brand of quality

  • Amstar-icon New PG&E Service Center, Auburn, CA
  • Amstar-icon Security Office Renovations, Elk Grove, CA
  • Amstar-icon Sacramento Valley Station, Sacramento, CA
  • Amstar-icon Green Music Center Phase 11, Rohnert Park, CA
  • Amstar-icon Restroom Renovations, McClellan, CA
  • Amstar-icon Sutter Health Upgrades - multiple locations in Sacramento, CA
  • Amstar-icon New Inpatient Mental Health Unit, Mather VA Hospital, CA

Why partner with a DVBE-certified company?


Every year, Federal and State agencies have to set aside 3% of their contract awards to DVBE. When you partner with a DVBE-certified company, you can go after Federal and State contract gains.

Since 2007, DVBEs are getting top priority, competitive set-asides, better sub-contracting programs, and sole sourcing up to $5 million per contract. You, too, can enjoy these benefits when you partner with a DVBE like Amstar Construction Services.

DVBE groups enjoy a one-of-a-kind bid advantage of up to 10%. California law provides 5% bid advantage to SMBs and 1-5% stackable to DVBEs. This means more success for you in highly competitive and productive biddings.

California law requires the state to help DVBEs increase their contract by sending them notifications about state contract opportunities. By partnering with a DVBE, you can enjoy this marketing and promotion for free.

Partnering with a DVBE ensures prompt payment as stipulated in California’s Prompt Payment Act legislation.