Construction Management

Ensure the safety of your workers and the timeliness of your projects

We prioritize safety, quality, and environmental impact with every project.

Projects that do not comply with the specification set by regulating agencies are at risk of being closed down. But with the right training, assessment, and review, you can ensure a project’s success. Amstar’s key to completing projects on time and within budget are the Construction Manager options, where you choose the best-fit consultancy for your project:

Construction Manager (Agency) — A CM agent is a consultant who advices you throughout the design and construction phase. The CM does not guarantee fixed construction-phase costs or provide any bond. When you select this option, the District holds construction-phase contracts for your general contractor or your multiple-prime trade contractors.

Construction Manager-at-Risk — A CM-at-Risk guarantees a fixed price on construction-phase costs, provides a bond on the project, and submits a tender on your behalf. They closely work with you throughout the construction process, guaranteeing final costs and schedule.

Both options provide value-adding engineering services so you don’t exceed target costs during the preconstruction phase. Both CMs also identify and sketch out trade contractor packages before the tender is submitted, further ensuring scope coverage.

Amstar’s Construction Management also includes:

  • Planning, Coordination, Quality Check, and Reporting
  • Field Safety Management
  • Corporate Security

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