Third-Party Logistics

Eliminate operational issues and other bottlenecks so your projects go smoothly

We provide end-to-end logistics solutions that improve your bottom line.

Amstar’s team of experts can acquire and manage third-party facilities as temporary or long-term solutions. Our comprehensive service includes craft labor, support services, and equipment rentals. We can also help with material procurement, inventory, and supply quality control to mitigate project delays and other contingencies.

Additionally, we can acquire real estate leasing or short-term rentals, assess staging yards and warehouses, secure permits, and provide support for a smooth execution of your construction plans. We install and manage grading, stormwater, BMPs, dust control, fencing/gates, and security amenities.

Rest assured, as soon as the construction ends, we close and demobilize the site and re-plant greenery in accordance to environmental regulations.

Amstar’s Third-Party Logistics service also includes:

  • Construction Yard and Warehouse Acquisition, Management, and Support Services
  • Bare and Operated Equipment Rental
  • Material Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Temporary satellite facilities like field offices and communication rooms
  • Power and water supply
  • Portable toilets and recycling/trash systems

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